What are the current FHA mortgage rates?

Current FHA Mortgage Rates

HOME BUYER ALERT! FHA Changes June 2013 … Forever!

One look at the current FHA mortgage rates and it’s not difficult to see why everyone is rushing to their local banks to apply for a new, Florida FHA mortgage.

 Current homeowners

Remember the day a few years ago when a mortgage broker called you up and said you could refinance down to a 6% rate? You were ecstatic and jumped at the chance! Now, like so many other things, that rate is a thing of the past and desperately needs a face lift.

Prospective home buyers

Remember when homes cost twice what they do now and finding an affordable one was nearly impossible? In today’s real estate market, it is true it may take some legwork to find the right home, but the American dream of homeownership has truly never been so obtainable. How, you ask? Because of how low our current FHA home loan rates are, of course! Let me elaborate… The combination of factors that we are currently experiencing in today’s housing markets is actually quite remarkable. Never before in history has there been such an intersection of affordable home values and rock-bottom interest rates, creating a perfect environment to take advantage and jump on the homeowner bandwagon.  

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