Denied for the HARP 2 Refinance? FIGHT BACK!

Here’s your HARP 2 refinance …WAIT .. Not so fast!

If you are like so many other disappointed homeowners in America, you may have recently been denied for the new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2 for short).  The bad news is that unfortunately, that time you spent with the other bank is lost.  The good news is that your hope of refinancing into an awesome new rate may not be!  How?

It’s quite simple really. When contemplating a refinance, most homeowners believe it is safer to go to a ‘big bank’ (you know, the type with ATM branches and feel-good commercials).  The truth of the matter is that these lenders will most likely make you wait upwards of four to eight months for a loan decision; and even worse is that the decision will probably be DENIED.


Why are the banks denying applications for HARP 2?

Why in the world would the banks NOT want your business?  Actually, they do!  They just prefer to have your business at the much higher interest rate what you could refinance into.  So, they combine this little fact with the truth that most people will not bother applying to another outside lender, and viola! They now have a customer locked in for life at an interest rate higher than the interest rate a new customer would have; so they can keep raking in the profits!

Can I even go to another bank to apply?  Can’t I only do the HARP 2 with my CURRENT lender?

Not true!!!  Another common misconception that these larger financial institutions are creating is that you HAVE TO refinance with the bank that has your loan now.  This is simply not the case. As a matter of fact, you’ll most likely get a much better deal from a new bank that is FIGHTING for your business!  Ah, America, the great land of opportunity and friendly competition.

So, what are you suggesting I do at this point?

Don’t take no for an answer!  Fill out the LIVE QUOTE QUOTE form and we’ll tell you for sure if it is possible for you to get approved with the HARP 2 refinance program!

Sounds good, but what’s the catch?

There is none!  It’s free to get a second review on your HARP 2 loan application.  Why get a second look from me?  Because my bank doesn’t have all of the extra red tape (referred to in the industry as ‘layered guidelines’) that these big banks do.  WE DON’T CARE HOW UPSIDE-DOWN YOU ARE – THAT JUST MEANS YOU’LL BENEFIT EVEN MORE!

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Jason Gonzalez

Jason is a lifelong student of the mortgage industry that prides himself on his innovative ability to consistently find the best deals for his clients. With well over a decade of industry knowledge and experience, you can trust that he will help guide you in the right direction for your home financing needs. What separates Jason from everyone else is the fact that he cares so much about the people he helps, driving him to go above and beyond to make the dream of homeownership possible for all.

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