FHA Streamline Refinance Spells Relief for Florida Homeowners

If you are upside down on your FHA mortgage …


Little known fact : There are over 10,000 Florida homeowners that are paying an interest rate of 5.5% or more on their current FHA mortgage loans.  Are you? Another little known fact : Regardless of what you may have heard, even if your loan was originated AFTER June 2009 ( see FHA Streamline Refinance for more details ) you may still qualify for the new and improved FHA streamline refinance!

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The government actually WANTS you to refinance!

Why, you ask? Simply put, because FHA loans are backed by the US government and they don’t want you to stop making payments.  You see, the worst case scenario for FHA is that you stop paying your mortgage and go into foreclosure.  In order to mitigate this risk, they have created this easy-to-qualify, FHA streamline loan to help homeowners just like you reduce their monthly mortgage payments, thereby decreasing your chances of defaulting on the payments.

How easy is it?

Extremely easy! We don’t need tax returns, pay stubs or even an appraisal in most cases. Just to give you an idea, here’s what we would typically need to get started on your FHA Streamline:

How do I know if I qualify?

So, you are sitting there saying to yourself, “Self…this all sounds great, but I’m sure it can’t be that easy.  There’s no way I qualify.”  And you’d probably be wrong… Most of our FHA streamline refinance applications are getting approved!

Here’s why you should apply right now

Because it costs you nothing to find out! Because it could save you hundreds a month! Because you work hard for your money and you shouldn’t needlessly throw it away on high interest payments.  The government is giving FHA mortgage holders a break, take advantage while it still lasts!

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