Denied for a Freddie Mac HARP 2 Refinance?

Freddie Mac HARP 2 Update

We are your go to Florida broker for the Freddie HARP 2 upside down refinance.  We have expanded our approval guidelines and are looking to refinance as many current Freddie Mac customers as possible.

As you may have already realized if you do have a Freddie Mac owned mortgage, it has been nearly impossible to refinance your underwater home up to this point.  Not anymore!  Check out these our newly expanded underwriting guidelines below:

Unlimited Loan-to-Value Ratio on Primary, Secondary and Investment Properties!

That means it doesn’t matter how upside down you are! Owe twice or three times as much as your home value? No problem!

No appraisal necessary

We only write Freddie HARP 2 refinance loans with an ‘appraisal waiver’

Condos are eligible!

This is huge! Most lenders will not do the condo/Freddie Mac combination

Borrower may only fund 5,000 or 4% of the loan amount, whichever is less in closing costs.

This is a Freddie Mac guideline.  Depending on your current taxes and insurance as well as a few other factors, you may still be able to come to closing with $0

This program will not last forever and just like every other loan program is offered on a first come, first serve basis.  Request a LIVE Rate Quote Today and save!

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